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Our amazing volunteers contribute their time and achieve wonderful results here at Hugh's House. Without them, we could not continue to develop our vision. A BIG, BIG Thank You to everybody who has helped us get this far in such a short time.



The ‘woodland-themed’ garden was developed with the assistance of a team of 100 volunteers from Aer Lingus and a number of local volunteer tradesmen. Features include a ‘Bug Hotel’, Fairy Doors, Colourful Tyre Planters, a Nest Swing, a Tree Wall Feature, Wind Chimes and Bird Boxes. 

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    What can you do? .... Anything, as everything makes a difference.
    Like and Share us on Facebook. Tell your friends about our website. Organise a volunteer day with your friends, just 3 hours a month means a lot to us.
     • Donating time to help us run the house, e.g, cooking, cleaning and ironing.
     • Gift skilled trades: painter/decorator, electricians, plumbers or carpenters.

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     If you would like to get involved with your working colleagues to organise a picnic, a BBQ, or come as a team for the day, send us a private message. Every hour helps. Everyone involved has received more than we have given on every step of this journey.

    Get Inspired ...

     Aer Lingus got involved as we heard through one of our work colleagues that, once a year, Aer Lingus as a team, take a day out of their lives and make a difference. For 2015, they adopted us! They arranged for their staff to meet at work and travel together to the area. They worked non-stop all day and in one 8-hour period (with the magical help of Difference days) transformed the garden from a derelict site into the garden you see in the video and photos.
     When the children came from the hospital at 5pm to just start playing, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. This garden is where you can just be a child again and just play. See the pictures from this day in the Album “Make a Difference Day”. This garden now means that children who are in the hospital have somewhere to go even for 20 minutes, that is safe. Children who travel every week for dialysis can wait somewhere fun before they make the long journey home.